The History of the SandBox Inn (Readers Digest Version)

1983 (?) "Pave paradise, put up a duplex"
While playing volleyball at Blackbeards,I notice new construction starting up between 'Beards' and the beach. Looks like progress. Alas. Didn't have a clue that someday I would own the place, of course....

1995 "Hey mom, I have a DISHWASHER!"
After having been evicted from Isla Blanca Park (along with all the other "permanent" residents), I am eventually able to finesse my way into the homesweethomiest spot I have ever had since leaving the parental abode. I rent. I start planting things in the backyard. Still clueless.

2001 "I can't afford the whole thing - can you just sell me the bottom half?"
The landlord goes for it, "SandBox Condos" is born.

2004 "I think it's a great idea!"
The new boyfriend decides to buy the landlord out. Top and bottom, much redecorating ensues.

2006 "Whose great idea was that, anyway?"
The boyfriend becomes an ex and relocates to Port Aransas.

Feb. 15, 2007 "Yikes!"
An offer. A deal. A toast.
The parental units and I have been buying, banging and scrubbing nonstop for days maybe weeks.

The welcome mat is out.

2008 "Let's make the coolest backyard on the Island"
I didn't know what a pergola was. Now I brag about mine.

2009 Winter - Dad Feets builds "The Annex"
A sweet little efficiency that was to be his own personal winter hideaway.

The only SPI Rental fully furnished with a pool table, a piano, a sandbox and a bidet!
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